Minutes of McIlvride PPG Steering Group Meeting 11/02/2016

Present: Colin Sibley (Chair), Maureen Sibley (Secretary), Paul Bowen (Practice Partner), Rebecca Leon (Practice Partner), Carl Sharma (Practice Partner), Lindsay Bates (Practice Manager), Annie Myers (Assistant Practice Manager), Chris Bailey, Heather Bailey, Bob Knowles, Mavis Knowles, Wendy Reed (Treasurer), Anne Davies, Ivan Wood, Steve Reid, Kath Alcock, Gill Oakes, Gerald McDonald, Janet Mason, Carol Smith, Ann Gregory, Christine Good, Dorothy Hollett.

1. Apologies
Pauline Jones, Bryan Hesford

2. The PPG expressed their sorrow on the news of Ian McWhirter’s passing. Ian had been an enthusiastic and hard working Chair of the PPG for many years. A card of condolence has been sent on behalf of the PPG

3. Minutes of the last meeting
Accepted as correct.

4. Matters arising/ACTIONs
• Lindsay and Colin had discussed a Practice Open Day; this informal event will be arranged to enable patients to view and celebrate the completion of the refurbishment of the surgery, meet new staff and promote the active PPG.
• Colin had attended the last Health Voice meeting on 22/1/16. He encouraged everyone to participate and emails regarding Health Voice business will be forwarded to all members unless requested not to do so (also see under point 7 below).
• Chris updated the group on Friends of McIlvride. Donations recently had been very low. After discussion it was agreed that the planned Practice Open Day would be a good occasion on which to re-launch the Friends. It was also agreed that fund raising should be focused on specific pieces of equipment. ACTION: Lindsay and Practice staff to identify urgently needed equipment; Colin, Lindsay and Chris to plan re-launch. Further applications to be made for Friends to be considered in Waitrose Community Matters funding scheme. PPG members were encouraged to fill as many of these forms as possible!
• Colin is in the process of liaising with the Chair of Priorslegh PPG regarding a joint event.
• Annie continues to improve the communication reach of the Practice (see also under 5. Below)
• A Winter PPG Newsletter had been produced, displayed and distributed in the waiting room.

5. Update from the Practice
• The PPG expressed its great thanks to Dr. Andrew Coley whose retirement has recently been announced. A memories book is to be presented to him by the practice.
• Dr. Rebecca Leon and Dr. Carl Sharma were warmly welcomed as new partners to the Practice by the PPG. Rebecca spoke on behalf of them both and said they were vey excited about the challenge. They both really want to help bring stability to the practice. This was welcomed.
• Dr. Greg Ellam will also be working at the practice for the next 9 months
• Nurse Liz Darlington is to return to the practice
• Diane Warburton - a new receptionist will also be carrying out health checks
• The aim of the practice is now to have a stable staff
• The Practice Newsletter that had been sent out to all patients just before Xmas was discussed. It had been well received and the sense of excitement and optimism engendered much appreciated. Members said it had been very informative, personal and welcome. They also asked about the cost of posting it out to all households and why could it not be emailed. Annie said that the practice is aiming towards this but there are difficulties and they did not want to miss anyone out.
• Lindsay updated the PPG on the refurbishment of the surgery. It is planned to be completed by the end of March and will include a new service hatch, decoration, new flooring, an electronic system for reception (with human help available as well), and a new screen. Patients would be directed to ‘colour’ rooms, and in some cases Dr’s would call the patient personally. Lindsay said they were aiming to minimize the disruption - work being carried out at weekends. A question was asked regarding the floor covering / colour so that it was Dementia friendly. Lindsay and Paul said that every adjustment will made possible as the budget allows. There was also a discussion about a hearing loop. As this is not funded by NHS England and would cost about £195 everyone agreed that this might be something realistic for the Friends to aim for. As the actions noted above (4) a Practice Open Day will be arranged to view all the changes once complete.
• Annie described all the new forms of communication with the practice that had been implemented, including web site refurbishment, Facebook page and Twitter account. The PPG and Friends are now included on the website. Especially welcomed is a new texting system for reminding patients of appointments. Texts will not include any personal information and the practice can see if the text has been undelivered or unread. Leaflets are available at the counter to help the practice update patient information. Annie and Lindsay assured everyone that the EMIS system that patients can use to book appointments is very secure and robust and that photographic proof of ID was required to be presented at the surgery before you could log on with a password. Paul said they would never cross the line between confidentiality and information exchange.
• Paul described the results of the recent NHS GP Survey. Though these were generally good he and other Practice Staff felt there was room for improvement and excellence in all areas. To facilitate this a workshop meeting was proposed at which views of PPG members on aspects of the Survey could be discussed in more detail. The date of this meeting is fixed for 7– 8pm on Thursday April 21st. ACTION: Lindsay, Paul and Colin to plan workshop; PPG members to email Colin if they are willing and able to participate.
• During discussion it was agreed that it would be helpful to clarify that there is a group of PPG members who wish to attend PPG meetings whereas others only wish to receive email communications. The former has now been called the PPG Steering Group.

6. National Patient Participation Group
Colin described the National Association for PPGs and asked whether there was any enthusiasm for McIlvride PPG joining. Wendy informed the group that the McIlvride PPG had previously been a member of the national group but membership had lapsed. It was agreed not to pursue membership further at present. ACTION: Colin will look again at the benefits.

7. Feedback from Health Voice meeting 22/01/16.

Colin reported on some key items from this meeting; (1) the fact that Macclesfield General had not met its A&E targets for the period leading up to Xmas; implementations of Winter Plans had been slow but are now catching up; (2) description of CCG funding and its complexity. Paul said that the ECCG were negotiating better contracts for all 23 practices to try and ensure fairness. There will be no additional funding and the McIlvride practice will probably end up with less money from April 2017; (3) Integration between Health and Social care – Caring Together. 

Members are reminded that all minutes and information can be found on the Health voice website www.echealthvoice.info
ACTION: Colin will continue to forward Health Voice communications and date of the next meeting to the PPG.

8. AOB
a) Maureen described the Cheshire Care Record and encouraged PPG to view the explanatory video (https://vimeo.com/152302245)
b) Annie introduced Dr Chestnuts (a knitted rabbit) supplied by Dr. Ursula that will used for children on the website

9. Date of next meeting
Thursday 12/05/2016 at 7pm in the practice waiting room: this will be advertised on the PPG notice board as well as though the email distribution list.

Summary of ACTIONs:
• Lindsay and Practice staff to identify urgently needed equipment that money could be raised to purchase; Colin, Lindsay and Chris to plan re-launch of Friends at Practice Open Day. Application to be made to Waitrose Community Matters scheme.
• Lindsay, Paul and Colin to plan workshop to discuss NHS GP Survey results; PPG members to email Colin if they are willing and able to participate on April 21st at 7pm.
• Colin will look again at the benefits of National PPG organisation.
• Colin will continue to update members re Health Voice information
• PPG notice board - including newsletter – Maureen will re-do when refurbishment is complete and in time for open day.